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HERBSFORCURE.COM, is a wholesale distributor an importer and exporter of Chinese herbs and herbal products.
We import herbs, herbal pills, ointments, plasters and teas from China, Hong Kong and other countries and we distribute the products to retailers and health practitioners in USA and Canada.

Our expertise is to consolidate shipment of goods efficiently and economically for small and medium size herbal resellers and practitioners. Contact us to assist you in satisfying your product requirement.

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Herbal Products & Accessories
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Herbal Medicine pill/capsule/tablet form (Mainland China)
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Herbal Medicine liquid form

Herbal Medicine cream form (ointments)

Herbal Medicine pill form (HK and others)
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Raw Herbs
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Accessories and Acupuncture Needles

Herbs Concentrated Powder (Taiwan)
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Coryza Soft Capsules - Good Medicine Fer Common Cold

Naolibao Wan for Neurasthenia

Xuesaitong Dripping Pills

WuFU Xinnao Qing Soft Capsules