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Xuesaitong Dripping Pills

Invigorate Blood Circulation and Eliminate Stasis, Cure Cardio and Cerebral Disease

Xuesaitong Dripping Pills, in Shineway brand, have the function of invigorating blood circulation, eliminating blood stasis, removing obstruction in the blood vessels and activating veins. And it is used for stasis of cerebral vessels, numbness of chest, heartache, cerebral vascular sequelae, coronary heart diseases, and angina with above symptoms. After the clinical trials by The Affiliated Hospital ofHubei College of TCM, The Affiliated Hospital of Changchun TCM Institute and The First Affiliated Hospital of Henan TCM Institute, the results showed that the total effective rate of this medicine is 83.1 % to apoplexy, 86.6% to chest obstruction, 82.1 % to coronary heart disease angina.
Shineway Xuesaitong Dipping Pills is made of Notoginseng through the scientific extraction, separation and other modem production process. After broad pharmacological study and clinical trial to Notoginseng by modem physic and medicine, its application area has been widely expended.
1. The effect to blood and hematopoietic system.
2. The effect to cardio-cerebral vascular system. On the basis of the test, the product can be used in the treatment of myocardial ischemia, angina and shock.
3. The effect to neural system. Studies show that Notoginseng has the agitating effect and restraining effect to nerve centre.
4. Notoginseng can adjust the immune system. Moreover, Notoginseng also has the function of anti-bacterium, diminishing inflammation, anti-aging, anti-tumor, anti-tiredness, and adjusting the blood lipid, etc.
Xuesaitong Dripping pills can be taken orally in two ways: swallowed with water or kept under the tongue. The dosage form of Xuesaitong dripping pill is much better than soft capsules and tablets in the active ingredients contents and bioavailability. By administration of keeping under the tongue, Xuesaitong Dripping Pills can disintegrate and release in only several seconds, and be absorbed by oral mucosa and other mucosa before the stomach, then get into superior vein and reach the high drug concentration in blood no more than twenty minutes. In addition, it avoids the stomach acid degradation and first pass effect of hepar. The administration of keeping under tongue is especially convenient for the apoplexy patients who have the trouble in swallow.
Xuesaitong Dripping Pills is composed of natural and pure herbs with no side effect and toxicity. People with cardio-cerebral problems can gain a significant effect after a treatment period of 6-8 weeks. The curative effect will be much better through longer treatment period.
[Description): Yellowish or beige dripping pills, taste bitter.
[Ingredient): Total saponins of panax notoginseng.
[Usage & Dosage): Orally, 10 pills per time, 3 times per day.
[Specification): 45mg per pill,2l0 pills per bottle

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