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Naolibao Wan

Neurasthenia is a common and frequently occurring ailment which mainly manifests insomnia, dreaminess, headache, dizziness, hypomnesia, etc. For serious case, it is accompanied with a series of disturbance of neurovegetative function such as nervousness, depressed chest, dry mouth, frequent micturition, etc. Those bring a lot of trouble physiologically and psychologically to the patients, leading to low spirits and vexations. As a result, the life quality and work efficiency are seriously affected. Since long time ago, the experts of traditional Chinese medicine have tried to find a drug to clear away the symptoms of neurasthenia without suppressing the nerves. With the enterprising spirit of "pursuing higher quality and producing excellent Chinese natural herbal medicine", Shineway Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. achieved to develop Shineway Brand Naolibao Wan.
This product is mainly made of Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii which is used to eliminate pWegm and awake the patient from unconsciousness and tranquilize the mind, Fructus Schisandrae which is used to increase vital energy, invigorate the body and calm the mind, Radix Polygalae which is used to ease the brain and nourish the heart. Those main ingredients are effective remedies for treatment of neurasthenia.
Through 323 cases of clinical application and 2 months of observation, the total effective rate for neurasthenia group is 94.11 %. This product is not only obviously effective for dizziness, insomnia, amnesia, palpitation, and dreaminess, etc., but also that with the patients recovered, the hemoglobin, erythrocytes and weight of them increased to certain degree. So it is especially suitable for the patient of neurasthenia caused by weakness, frequent illness, post illness and anemia. Large amount of pharmacological and toxicological tests prove that this product is safe with remarkable effect for calming the mind, prolonging sleep and strengthening memory.
This product is characteristically aiming at radical cure, distinguished completely from simple sedatives and stimulants. The effect of this product shows slowly, generally after one week of administration. However, remarkable effect can be seen in a month or two. Therefore, the treatment course should be a month for patients of slight symptoms, while 2 months better for serious ones.
[Main Ingredients]:
Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii 100mg,Cortex Lycii 200mg, Semen Cuscutae 100mg, Radix Rehmanniae 100mg, Rhizoma Chuanxiong 100mg, Fructus Schisandrae 150mg, Radix Polygalae 150mg.
[Action & Indication]:
Used for deficiency of energy and impairment of spirit such as amnesia, insomnia dysphoria, dreaminess, hectic fever, night sweat, spiritlessness and fatigue. Also for above mentioned symptoms and signs caused by neurasthenia.
[Usage & Dosage]: Orally. 4 pills each time, 3 times a day.
[Specifications]: 100 pills per bottle.

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