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Xinnao Qing Soft Capsules

First Selected Good Medicines for
Treatment of Cardio-cerebral-vascular Diseases

Along with ageing, retrograde changes happen in the human body. Starting at middle-aged period, atherosclerosis may gradually occur. With the improved conditions of material life and the factors of fiercer social rivalry, high-fatty food, alcohol and tobacco habits, marketing competition, and tense work etc. which cause human body a series of changes, the incidence of cardio-cerebral-vascular diseases such as hyperlipemia, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage, and cerebral thrombosis etc. will be higher than before and all these diseases happen and develop in mutual causality and interaction in pathogenic and pathology as regarded as a series of pathological changes in the brain and heart system. Therefore, a drug for comprehensive use is need for the patients not only to lower blood fat, but also to soften blood vessels, improve blood circulation and regulate neural function. Through more than ten years research, we have developed this Wufu Xinnao Qing soft capsules which is obviously effective for the treatment of cardio-cerebral-vascular diseases of old and middle-aged people. It has been proved that no poison and side effects have been found in large amount of clinic applications and it can be safely taken regularly.
Its pharmacological actions as follows:
1. For cardiac vascular system: Function of stimulating the heart, lowering resistance of the coronal artery, increasing the blood flowing volume of the coronal artery and nutritious blood flowing volume of cardiac muscles. It can lighten the extent of myocardial ischemia, narrow the range, slow the cardiac rhythm, protect the area of acute myocardial infarction and adjust the relation of supply and demand of ischemia myocardial oxygen. It also has a function of vasodilatation that can lower blood pressure, improve external microcirculation thus speeding up the blood flowing and increasing the number of open blood capillaries and alleviating the blood cell assembling.
2. Action to blood fat: Long time's clinical observation found it obvious action of lowering blood fat. It can reduce serum total cholesterol, triglyceride and 13-lipoprotein. Long time taking can help reduce the arterial macular area till the macula disappears, obviously to reverse atheroma.
3. Anticoagulative action: To inhibit thrombocytocrit and strengthen fibrinolysis so as to obviously prolongs the time of thromboses and shorten the thrombus length and reduce the weight.
4. For the tolerance of oxygen deficit: Large amount of clinical observations found it ability of tolerance of oxygen deficit and powerful protection of the degeneration of cerebral neuron after ischemia and oxygen deficit.
5. Action to neural system: Strong action of mitigation and sedation, effective for both sharp pain and dull pain. It can relieve the metabolic disturbance of monoaminal neural transmitters in the brain tissue, make the lowering neural transmiters to regular level or near the regular level. It can also promote growth and disintegration of neuroglia cells.
6. As reported by some Japanese specialist: Safflower oil has a function of preventation of senile dementia.
Since Wufu Xinnao Qing Soft Capsules were put into the market, it has been well received by doctors and patients and won favorable comment of specialists for the particular formula, high quality and remarkable effect. It was regarded as a "magic drug" by the patients. In 1996 it won golden medal in China National New & Famous Medicines fair. Through long period of clinic observation there were no obvious poison and side effect. Old and middle-aged people for prevention can regularly take it and treatment of above mentioned diseases.
We may advise broad patients that:
(1) Those aged over 40 who tend to atherosclerosis can take this product regularly.
(2) If you have taken other drugs for this kind of diseases but no satisfactory effect gained, you might try this product as well.
(3) Please introduce this product to your family or relatives if they suffer from these diseases.
(4) Those who suffer from insomnia, amnesia, sonitus, etc. may additionally take Naolibao Concentrated Pills. Main Ingredients: Fined safflower Oi1400mg.
Action & Indication: Lowering cholesterol, triglyceride, 13-lipoprotein Used for treatment of atherosclerosis, hyperlipemia, coronary heart diseases, stenocardia, cerebral arteriosclerosis.
Usage & Dosage: Oral, 2 capsules each time, after meal. 3 times a day. Or under the direction of physician.
Precaution: Very few patients may have symptoms as nausea, dry taste, etc. if they take it before meal. So it should be taken after meal.
Specification: 100capsules each package (each capsule contains 0.41Sg

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